Tour in the Far East of Russia. 

Sea cruise to Chukotka and Wrangel Island  

In the far north-east of Russia, washed by the cold Chukchi Sea, there is a gloomy and deserted Wrangel Island. 
The untouched ice and the polar bear's dens are a real treasury of the Arctic. In this travel you will see polar bears and gray whales, wolverines and Arctic foxes.

Wrangel Island is the northernmost in the Far East and has no analogues in the world by the number of plants and animals.  

Going on this tour you will also get acquainted with northern peoples of Russia: their culture and life. Chukotka is a wonderful part of Russia, untouched nature, unique people, and an incredible spirit of freedom.

Available travel dates 


16 days

from $12980

from July to August 

45-70 people





The description of this route is the general plan of the expedition. The route may change due to external factors: weather, ice conditions, etc.
Day 1.

We meet all our tourists at the airport of Anadyr.
Check-in at the hotel. You will have free time before dinner.
After dinner you will have a meeting with our guides. Guides will tell you the travel plan, rules and information about the travel. Day 2.
The beginning of the trip.
Breakfast. You'll have time to pack your bags. Check out of the hotel.
After lunch landing on expedition vessel in the port of Anadyr.
We go out to sea. In the water area of the port of Anadyr you can often see white whales. Day 3.
Anadyr Bay.

This day you will spend in the sea and can get acquainted with the captain, officers, naturalists and employees of the expedition. Introductory lectures are also waiting for you. After lunch you will go by motor boats to the bird rocks in the bay of Preobrajeniya. Day 4.
Ittigran Island.

We will land on the island to visit the historical place - "Whale Skeleton Alley", which has international archeological value. Here we can also observe walruses, seabirds, there is a possibility to meet gray whales. Day 5.
Cape Dezhneva/the village of Uelen.

At good weather early in the morning the ship will approach the most eastern point of Russia and Eurasia - Dezhnev Cape. Sometimes, standing on the uninhabited and remote observation point, from there you can see the coast of America. Having made your way through the stony beach, you will come out to the abandoned border base and the monument to Semyon Dezhnev, the first explorer in whose honor the cape got its name. Then you will visit the village of Uelen - the most eastern settlement of Russia and Eurasia. Here you'll get acquainted with the locals - Chukchaks, learn about their traditions and culture, and visit a bone carving workshop.
Day 6.
Kolyuchin Island.

The island, inhabited today only by walruses and sea birds, was once the location of polar bears research station. You will have the opportunity to see the huge number of birds inhabiting these places. Day 7 to 11.
Wrangel Island and the Herald Island.

Now our route will be completely dependent on the weather conditions, we hope they will be favourable for us. We plan a lot of landings to touch the wildlife - to see white owls, polar terns, seals, walruses, strong musk oxen and flocks of reindeer. We will also be very careful not to miss any polar bears, as the island is the birthplace of these Arctic masters. Day 12.
North Siberian coastline.

North coast with sand ridges and picturesque lagoons gives an opportunity to make several landings to explore the coastline. In search of walrus rookeries you will cross villages where locals - Chukchi living in severe climate - still hunt seals and whales as their ancestors did.
Day 13.
Kolyuchin bay.

This is a very big bay, on the coast of which we plan to land. The place is home to many rare bird species. Gray whales often appear here. We may be able to see whales. Day 14.
Diomina Island (Ratmanova Island).

The island is sometimes called "tomorrow and yesterday". This is where the state border between Russia and the USA and the date line passes. Here we will go in search of rare birds of the north. Day 15.
At sea.

Today you have free time for rest and communication.
Rest in a bar or library, discuss your adventures with new friends while we go across the Anadyr Bay. Day 16.

Our journey is over. After breakfast, we'll get off the vessel.
Shuttle to the airport or hotel.

Why here it is necessary to go?

A cruise to Chukotka and Wrangel Island. During these two weeks you will learn the history of Chukotka, see wild animals, walk in the untouched nature of north-eastern Russia and get acquainted with the local peoples. Professional guides will tell you about the history of Wrangel Island discovery, participants of Karlyuk expeditions and recognition of the island as a world-class nature reserve. In 2004 the Wrangel Island Reserve was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The territory of the protected zone on Wrangel Island is 2,225,650 hectares, including 1,430,000 hectares of water area. The mountains covering two thirds of the territory are the main type of landscape. The rest of the area is arctic tundra with small lakes and streams, of which there are about 900. Despite the proximity of the Polar Circle, there are no glaciers on the island. The Chukchi name of Wrangel Island "Umkilir" is translated as "polar bear island". Indeed, the number of dens of this northern predator is the largest in the world. There are 400-500 bears hibernating on the island every year.
Thousands of birds nest among blackened rocks and gray whales swim in the waters during their migrations. This is the world of polar bears and walruses. It is home to Asia's largest colony of white geese. It is also home to a fox, wolverine, wolf and red fox.


Our expedition will be on a small ice class expedition vessel. For passengers convenience there is a bar, a cozy lounge, a lecture hall and a library with a collection of thematic literature. Spacious captain's bridge is always open for passengers. From it you can admire stunning views of icebergs and coastal landscapes. Wildlife and marine animals can also be observed from the open decks of the ship, so as not to miss a single moment of the journey. The captain and crew are experienced sailors, real enthusiasts of expeditionary journeys. Travelers are accompanied by qualified guides. Motorized inflatable boats are used for landings, which are simple and easy to use. With their help, the participants of the expedition can easily reach surprisingly beautiful but hard-to-reach places. The cost of the tour depends on the chosen cabin class.

accommodation in a double cabin - $12 950
accommodation in a superior plus cabin - $15 550
accommodation in a mini-suite cabin - $15 990
Accommodation in the shipowner's suite - $16 980

Description of the cabins:
Double cabin: two lower berths, porthole, desk, wardrobe, bedside tables, washbasin (WC and shower combined).
Superior plus" cabin: two lower berths, window, desk, wardrobe, nightstands. In the bathroom - shower, toilet, washbasin. Some cabins have a sofa.
Mini-suite" cabin: bedroom with double bed, living room with single bed, windows, TV, desk, wardrobe, nightstands. In the bathroom - shower, toilet, washbasin.
Shipowner's suite" cabin: bedroom with a double bed, living room with sofa, TV and fridge, panoramic windows on two sides, desk, wardrobe, nightstands. In the bathroom - shower, toilet, washbasin. Meals during the expedition are three meals a day: breakfast - buffet, for lunch - hot dish, salad and dessert, for dinner - hot dish, vegetables and dessert. An alcoholic menu is available for lunch and dinner.
Cooks can prepare dishes according to your diet if you inform them in advance.


How to get to the starting point of travel?

All travel participants meet in the destination city (specified in the itinerary). The meeting point in the city is the airport or railway station. All travelers are met by our guide. Further, by transport, all participants travel with a guide go to the starting point of the tour.
If you do not know how to get to the destination city?
Our staff will help you buy tickets and pick up the route from your hometown.

What happens if the travel is canceled?

If your tour is canceled - we will refund your money, or we will postpone your trip to another time. If you change your mind about going on a tour, less than 14 days before the start of the tour, the money will not be returned. In case of unforeseen situations during the expedition, the money is returned partially, in agreement with the management.

Where will I live?

All tourists will live according to the route of the expedition. It can be a tent, a hotel or a ship.

How to pay for the travel?

After setting your destination, you'll have to pay a fee from 50 to 80 % of the full tour. The percentage depends on the complexity of the upcoming tour.
The rest of the payment can be paid no later than 14 days before the tour.

Health and life insurance during expeditions

Upon arrival to Russia each of our customers should have medical insurance. Your safety guarantees a good mood and promising way. Insurance is included in the tour price. But if you want to insure yourself, leave a comment to the application (the cost of the tour will vary depending on the insurance).

Travel safety

Going on active tours in Russia, you should realize that mountains and rivers are a place of increased danger to the health and life of tourists. Routes pass away from populated areas. Therefore, each participant in the tour must be physically and mentally prepared for difficulties. Guides are instructed in safety. The tourist is obliged to follow the rules of personal safety and the rules set forth in the instructions, follow the instructions and commands of the guide. The instructor is a guide and at the same time the leader of the campaign. The guide has the right to decide on the route change or even cancel the route in case of emergency. Tourists must comply with the requirements of the guide. The guide has the right to remove from the route participants, who:
- tourists endangering other tour participants,
- tourists disrespectful to other participants of the tour,
- tourists who do not comply with safety recommendations.
The cost of the tour in this case is not refundable.
In case of refusal by tourists from the services of a guide (unauthorized departure from the route), the guide is not responsible for the life and health of tourists. Medical care: a standard walking first-aid kit. Persons who need constant medical supervision are not allowed on expeditions.

Do I need a visa to Russia? How to get it?

"Awesome Russia" helps to make visas for its clients. We help to get business visas and tourist visas to Russia. A tourist visa is the most economical and affordable option for travel. It can be a one-entry type for a period not exceeding 30 days. If you have a travel scheduled for more than 30 days, we will issue a business visa. Business visa is issued to foreign citizens staying at the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 30 days. More information you can find in section "visas to Russia".

​If I do not speak Russian or English?

If you do not speak Russian, this is not a problem. "Awesome Russia" guides speak English or we provide interpreter services from your native language (Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic).

What is included in the tour price?

The cost of the tour includes:
- accommodation, transport, meals on the route of travel
- medical insurance
- guide services
- rent of public equipment

What to take on an expedition?

Great mood and photo/video equipment, backpack (from 60 to 90 liters), individual pills that you take. About clothes - for each trip we instruct the participants to the weather in the current season.

What physical training should be for travel?

For outdoor activities, you must be completely healthy, hardy. You should can to walk and move a lot.

If I do not have the necessary equipment?

Special equipment (for climbing, rafting, hiking) we provide.

Where and when will you meet me on the first day of the tour?

Our guide will meet all travelers according to the time of arrival at the airport. If you arrive by train, our guide will meet you at the train station.

We provide

- We can help you get a visa to Russia
- Arrange the best birthday or wedding while traveling
- Insurance cost is included in the tour price
- Experienced guides
- Flexible travel dates
- The most interesting routes in Russia
- Branded gifts for every traveler
- We have all the equipment for traveling
- We have a great discount system

I'm on a diet. Will there be special food for me during the tour that fits my diet?

If you're a vegetarian, vegan or on a diet, don't worry. We will prepare the appropriate menu especially for you during your travel. Please indicate your diet in advance when you book a tour.

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