Climbing tour to the highest point in Europe and Russia. 

Climbing mountain Elbrus

Only the brave in heart and the strong in spirit conquer the mountains.

Mountain Elbrus is the highest peak of Europe and Russia.  

For climbing Elbrus you will need a lot of physical and moral and volitional efforts.
All your efforts and forces will pay off with an unrivalled view of the most beautiful peaks of the Main Caucasian Ridge. 

And also with a sense of pride for yourself and your teammates, because you have managed, you have done it - you have climbed to the highest peak of Europe! 

Available travel dates 


10-12 days

from $1390

from May to October

4-15 people




Comfortable climbing Elbrus from the south. Itinerary

Price 1490$ 1 day Our guide will meet you at the airport or at the railway station in Mineralnye Vody. We are going to the city of Mineralnye Vody. Accommodation at the hotel. Guides provide an individual briefing and selection of equipment and clothing.
In the evening, a group dinner together at the restaurant. Night at the hotel. 2 day
At 8:00 a.m. everyone meets in the hotel hall with already assembled backpacks and already in camping clothes. And your little backpacks are ready for a one-day exit to mountain Cheget.
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. After that we get on the minibus and go to Terskol village, to Cheget glade.
The big backpacks stay in the car, it will be delivered to the hotel.
And you go to Cheget. First we go up by cable car, and then about an hour on foot to the top of the point where you can see the beautiful view of Elbrus.
On the slope of the mountain there is a famous restaurant Ai. There we will have lunch with a view of Elbrus.
After lunch we will go down by cable car. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and rest. 3 day
On this day, you'll only be walking up and down.
The instructor will tell you how to walk and breathe in the mountains. You will only carry your little backpack with thermos, lunch box and personal belongings. We go up the mountain dirt road to the waterfall of Devichi Kosy. We go higher, to the Observatory.
In the evening we return to the hotel. 4 day We're taking the funicular up to the slope of Elbrus. We will make a short climb and stay in a mountain hut. Walk up the snowy slope. Class on the technique of walking in crampons. Day 5 Climb for acclimatization to a height of 5000 meters. 6 day
Rest day before climbing. Training in protection techniques with the help of an ice-axe. We go to sleep early (at 5 p.m.) in order to be able to sleep until midnight. 7th day
Climbing. We wake up at midnight. You'll have an hour and a half to pack up for climbing and eating.
By snowcats reach the top of the rocks Pastukhova, then on foot, in a harness, in crampons, with headlights. The ascent usually takes 6-8 hours, the descent takes 3 more. After the descent, you pack your things and go down to Azau glade on the cable car. Accommodation in the hotel. In the evening we have a gala dinner. 8 day If necessary, this day will be used as a reserve day for climbing in case of bad weather. If the climbing was successful, it is a day of rest. You can go and admire the views of the reserve along the eco-trails. 9th day
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the market in Cheget Glade, where you can buy local souvenirs and delicacies.
Transfer to Pyatigorsk.
This is where our tour is considered completed. Any day after the end of the tour we will take you to the airport, at a comfortable time for you. 10 day
Spare days in case of bad weather. We will have a total of 2 spare days. That is, only 3 days, in which we will be able to climb to the top.

Why here it is necessary to go?

Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. Its western peak reaches an altitude of 5642 meters. On the way to the top of the mountain there are incredibly beautiful views. Green meadows in combination with icy peaks will never be forgotten. On the way there are wild animals, such as foxes, yaks and others. Elbrus is included in the program of 7 peaks (seven highest peaks of seven continents). Therefore, it attracts a large number of climbers from all over the world. Climbing Elbrus is not technically difficult (according to climbing classification - 1B for climbing Elbrus from the south, 2A for climbing Elbrus from the north). The gentle slopes of Elbrus can be climbed by anyone with medium level of physical training. The main difficulty lies in the altitude, where thin air and reduced atmospheric pressure can cause the development of mountain sickness.
Therefore, the main guarantee of successful ascent to Elbrus is correct acclimatization. Our 10-12 days climbing program on the southern and northern sides of Elbrus provides optimal acclimatization with gradual climbing. This will allow the organism to adapt to the conditions of high mountains in the most efficient way.

Climbing Elbrus from the north. Itinerary

Price 1390$ 1 day We meet all tourists at the airport of Mineralnye Vody or at the railway station. Then, transfer to mountain Elbrus. In the minibus you will have an opportunity to have a snack.
We go to the village of Elbrus, where our route begins. On the first day of the tour we go to the village of Elbrus up the trail, along the gorge Irik Chat. Overnight in a pine forest in tents, near a river and a waterfall. 2 day
We're going up the Irik Chat Gorge, along the rough mountain river. The forest soon ends and the alpine meadows begin. We pass by a beautiful waterfall. Training on walking and breathing techniques. Overnight stay in the valley in tents, near mountain Irik. 3 days
After breakfast, we go to Irik Chat Pass. From the pass there is a beautiful view of the mountains. In the afternoon, training on the technique of working with an ice axe on a snow slope. Overnight stay on the pass in tents, which will give you good acclimatization. 4 day
We descend from the pass to the ice plateau of Dzhikauchenkez, cross the ice plateau and go to the moraine. These places are similar to another planet. There are black volcanic rocks everywhere and very little vegetation. We go down to the camp on Emanuel glade. 5 day
Trekking from the Emanuel glade to the former German airfield, and on to the glade under the stone mushrooms. 6 day Trekking to the first glaciers of the northern slope of Elbrus, to the base camp at an altitude of 3800 m. Day 7
Acclimatization climb to a height of 5000 m and return to the camp. Everyone takes a snack, a thermos with hot tea, water. On this day everyone will feel the altitude and lack of oxygen. And it will start the adaptation mechanisms in the body. 8 day
A day of rest before the most important day. But we will also rest actively. You can't let your body and muscles relax completely. We will take a walk down to the stone mushrooms, it is one of the most curious sights in the northern Elbrus region. Day 9
Climbing mountain Elbrus. Ascent at midnight. From the base camp we go in harnesses, in crampons, with ice axes, helmets and headlamps. We walk incredibly slowly, saving energy and without breaking our breath. The ascent takes 8-10 hours, the descent takes about 3-4 hours. 10 day
Descent to the Emanuel glade. This day will be used as a backup if necessary. 11th day
Departure to Pyatigorsk. At this point our travel is considered to be completed. Upon arrival in Pyatigorsk you will receive certificates of successful ascent. Transfer to the airport or railway station. Day 12
Spare day in case of bad weather.


How to get to the starting point of travel?

All travel participants meet in the destination city (specified in the itinerary). The meeting point in the city is the airport or railway station. All travelers are met by our guide. Further, by transport, all participants travel with a guide go to the starting point of the tour.
If you do not know how to get to the destination city?
Our staff will help you buy tickets and pick up the route from your hometown.

What happens if the travel is canceled?

If your tour is canceled - we will refund your money, or we will postpone your trip to another time. If you change your mind about going on a tour, less than 14 days before the start of the tour, the money will not be returned. In case of unforeseen situations during the expedition, the money is returned partially, in agreement with the management.

Where will I live?

All tourists will live according to the route of the expedition. It can be a tent, a hotel or a ship.

How to pay for the travel?

After setting your destination, you'll have to pay a fee from 50 to 80 % of the full tour. The percentage depends on the complexity of the upcoming tour.
The rest of the payment can be paid no later than 14 days before the tour.

Health and life insurance during expeditions

Upon arrival to Russia each of our customers should have medical insurance. Your safety guarantees a good mood and promising way. Insurance is included in the tour price. But if you want to insure yourself, leave a comment to the application (the cost of the tour will vary depending on the insurance).

Travel safety

Going on active tours in Russia, you should realize that mountains and rivers are a place of increased danger to the health and life of tourists. Routes pass away from populated areas. Therefore, each participant in the tour must be physically and mentally prepared for difficulties. Guides are instructed in safety. The tourist is obliged to follow the rules of personal safety and the rules set forth in the instructions, follow the instructions and commands of the guide. The instructor is a guide and at the same time the leader of the campaign. The guide has the right to decide on the route change or even cancel the route in case of emergency. Tourists must comply with the requirements of the guide. The guide has the right to remove from the route participants, who:
- tourists endangering other tour participants,
- tourists disrespectful to other participants of the tour,
- tourists who do not comply with safety recommendations.
The cost of the tour in this case is not refundable.
In case of refusal by tourists from the services of a guide (unauthorized departure from the route), the guide is not responsible for the life and health of tourists. Medical care: a standard walking first-aid kit. Persons who need constant medical supervision are not allowed on expeditions.

Do I need a visa to Russia? How to get it?

"Awesome Russia" helps to make visas for its clients. We help to get business visas and tourist visas to Russia. A tourist visa is the most economical and affordable option for travel. It can be a one-entry type for a period not exceeding 30 days. If you have a travel scheduled for more than 30 days, we will issue a business visa. Business visa is issued to foreign citizens staying at the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 30 days. More information you can find in section "visas to Russia".

​If I do not speak Russian or English?

If you do not speak Russian, this is not a problem. "Awesome Russia" guides speak English or we provide interpreter services from your native language (Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic).

What is included in the tour price?

The cost of the tour includes:
- accommodation, transport, meals on the route of travel
- medical insurance
- guide services
- rent of public equipment

What to take on an expedition?

Great mood and photo/video equipment, backpack (from 60 to 90 liters), individual pills that you take. About clothes - for each trip we instruct the participants to the weather in the current season.

What physical training should be for travel?

For outdoor activities, you must be completely healthy, hardy. You should can to walk and move a lot.

If I do not have the necessary equipment?

Special equipment (for climbing, rafting, hiking) we provide.

Where and when will you meet me on the first day of the tour?

Our guide will meet all travelers according to the time of arrival at the airport. If you arrive by train, our guide will meet you at the train station.

We provide

- We can help you get a visa to Russia
- Arrange the best birthday or wedding while traveling
- Insurance cost is included in the tour price
- Experienced guides
- Flexible travel dates
- The most interesting routes in Russia
- Branded gifts for every traveler
- We have all the equipment for traveling
- We have a great discount system

I'm on a diet. Will there be special food for me during the tour that fits my diet?

If you're a vegetarian, vegan or on a diet, don't worry. We will prepare the appropriate menu especially for you during your travel. Please indicate your diet in advance when you book a tour.

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